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A while ago Jarrett emailed me about doing a shoot with him and his girlfriend with their two dogs for her birthday. We normally haven’t done things like that in the past but it sounded really fun! I know pets can be difficult to capture sometimes so i just had to shoot shoot shoot! It ended up working out really well and we had a great time doing it.

Not to mention they are a great looking couple




The fisheye worked really well when I was lucky enough to get close



I like to think these dogs had a lot of fun too =)


blackmon0012 copy

We could let this glorious light go by without some good couple shots


blackmon0014 copy

We have been having some good luck with nature but it has to be in the exact right time of day… but hey, when it’s good, it’s great!

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Wedding in the D-town

This last wedding was a crazy one! Lots of personality and lots of fun in a unique venue, and getting ready in the swanky Westin Hotel downtown. Sooo fancy MC Hammer had to come see whats up! We got him to take a picture with us… I didn’t even know it was him until he walked away… I just thought they wanted to snap a shot with someone.

HAMMER! I had your tapes when I was 8 years old!!!

Yeah he is way 2 legit 2 quit still =)


I have been loving this tilt/shift trick that Jay Eads showed me


Great Bride and groom!


I about pooped when I saw the vision in my head for what I wanted to do with this neon… It was scrumtrillecent


Holly really brought the awesome color out of this one… who knew a rainy night would be so sweet!!


More to come soon!

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PJ+Maggie = Awesome

Thanks to my Buddy Nick for telling PJ and Maggie about us when PJ was wanting some engagement pictures. The day before when PJ was confirming the session he said, “she said yes so we are all set!” That made me laugh =)

We had a ton of fun!

One of the first shots we did ended up #1 (!!!!!!!!) on explore for Holly!! Explore is basically the best pictures on flickr. They choose 500 out of hundreds of thousands each day and she was lucky enough to be number 1!! I have only gotten up to like 20 something so it’s quite the big deal! Great work wife 😉

scalf-004 copy

scalf-047 copy

Maggie was a natural

scalf-115 copy

PJ did pretty well too =)

scalf-099 copy

They had the looove

scalf-155 copy

We don’t do nature much but this is the time of year to do it!!

scalf-090 copy

scalf-022 copy

Unfortunately we are booked for their wedding which will be in Memphis but we really want them to have good wedding photography so let me know if you would be interested! They are a great couple that would make it very easy on you!

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Long Island Wedding

This was one of our very favorite weddings and I don’t have a ton of time to spend on a long blog post because we still have 2 weddings to edit before the serious wedding season roles around THIS weekend! So here is a few new shots of this wedding… I dont have a password on their full preview that you can see here

Amazing couple… Had the love for SURE


Super fun bride =)


Super fun DAY!



It happens to the best of us.



We are hoping to get this wedding done real soon and I will let everyone know, because it’s a good one!!

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Calling all MotorHeads

As you may have noticed for some reason I have kinda been on a cars and bikes kick lately. I have always been a serious motor-head at heart and I always love looking at the mags. with their awesome images of all these sweet cars!

So one of my buddies was telling me about getting a new Kawi 636 and I thought that would be really awesome to do some cool photos with that. So I did! I am thinking about starting to offer motor sessions but I am still feeling out the session prices and what would be good to offer so any feedback would be appreciated!

Here is some of my favorite images I have gotten to date:

G350001 copy

ZBNW copy

kawi0028 copy

victory0026 copy

vetteZ0001 copy

kawi0015 copy

VW0001 copy3495707030_807b3156d7_b

Lambo0004 copy

kawi0035 copy

RR0013 copy

And now that we have all the equipment we “need” (not want) We could finally afford to get a nice reliable car that would help us to look somewhat reputable when we have clients follow us to locations. Not to mention something that would get us to all these out of state weddings! So here she is our new[to us] Honda Accord LX! up to 35mpg on the highway and I have yet to get under 29 even all city driving. So we are very pleased =)

Of course I had to take a couple fancy shots today after a bath.

Accord0002 copy

Hope you enjoyed them! Please let me know if you know of anyone that would be interested in this sort of thing, I can’t wait to do more!

Gauper out.


Fire and Water!

My next blog was going to be about our wedding in NY but I wanted to wait have have Holly edit a few fresh images that no one has seen so that gives me the chance to show you guys what I did last night! It was raining and I have been wanting to do some raindrop-on window bokah shots… But since Jay-Eads just showed me how to make a tilt-shift out of any lens, I thought I would try it out and see how it works!

It… was.. AWESOME!I have never ever seen Bokah shots like this so I am pretty pumped about them!!! So for all of these I am using a non-tilt/shift lens. just my trusty 28mm f/1.8 twisted off the mount

firedrops0023 copy

These shots are difficult to achieve because you have to manually focus while holding the lens off the mount, and it gives you a headache after too long but its so worth it!

firedrops0018 copy

It was a great light show moving about in my viewfinder, so I shot until my arms were tired from the task of twisting the lens around and holding it up to catch the light just right.

firedrops0004 copy

firedrops0019 copy

This one looks like the sun with flames exuding from it! amazing

firedrops0011 copy

You can see how the focus plain goes from front to back to top to bottom

firedrops0024 copy

It was great fun I am for sure going to have one enlarged! Which one do you like best?



My first time to Fenway after being a fan since I was like 7 years old was a great one. Even the guy at the Canadian boarder asked me, “shouldn’t you be a Tigers fan?” And I said… “I should… but no I am definitely a Sox fan.” Why? My late steph father Vic grew up in boston with his New England accent and his.. knowledge of history and whatnot =) So we always routed for the Sox even since Wade Boggs, and Mo Vaughn. Quite the experience.

SoxGame0001 copy

Oddly it didn’t seem new at all to me, not surprising considering how many games I had watched on TV.

SoxGame0002 copy

Maybe his first time as well?

SoxGame0004 copy

He did look as excited as I was!

SoxGame0006 copy

SoxGame0003 copy

We waited around forever hoping the redsox hadn’t had batting practice but we weren’t so lucky… I did see Pap doing… something…?

SoxGame0007 copy

Unfortunately Brad Penny didn’t get off to a very good start… 7-0 in the top of the second inning. =(

SoxGame0010 copy

To add to our misfortune, The seats we go were obstructing the view of the plate which they are supposed to say before you buy the seats.. so I had to peek around a beam to see this GRAND SLAM to bring the score to 7-4

SoxGame0012 copy

I wasn’t all that pleased at that point but I didn’t want to complain because I was at Fenway after all… But Holly insisted she talk to someone about the “injustice” of Obstructed view not being on our ticket. Eventually she found someone nice and told them it was my first time here, and they gave us first timer stickers and plopped us down in some great new seats!! Here was the new view:

SoxGame0013 copy

And this is how I felt:

SoxGame0014 copy

=) Thanks Holly for making my experience much better! And thank you Red Sox for going on a TEAR in the 5th and 6th inning!

SoxGame0017 copy

SoxGame0021 copy

Then the bullpen came into the game and it was lights out!

SoxGame0020 copy

I was lucky enough to get the winning strike out on video… last of a 3 strike-out inning!

It was a great time and I don’t think I could have had a better experience =)

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We arrive in Beantown late at night and anticipate exploring this great city. We actually really liked it other then trying to find somewhere to eat the first night we were there, but we couldn’t find anything other then Dunkin doughnuts open! Crazy right? The only places we could find were packed bars… So once again we settled for chicken nuggets =( It was a pretty cool drive though!

The Drive Part 1 (to boston) from Ryan Gauper on Vimeo.

I had a video but it is going to take forever to export and upload so that is to come.

We wanted to walk around downtown a bit before the game and I am glad we did! After eating a sub-par lunch for way too much money =) We found these street performers who were just amazing! This guy walked on his hands across all of them!

blog_trip0001 copy

After their show they did some stuff for me! I told them to email me but I haven’t heard from them.

blog_trip0004 copy

blog_trip0002 copy

Smack! (not really) =)

blog_trip0008 copy

blog_trip0006 copy

blog_trip0003 copy

This dude was bonkers!

blog_trip0007 copy

blog_trip0005 copy

Great time to have a fisheye… but I wish I would have had the 8fps of the D700! 4 just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

And as always when I find a great ally Holly has to help me show it off… and show my wife off =)

blog_trip0009 copy

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Road trip to Boston

And so we begin the long journey to Boston, Long Island, NYC, Dallas, back to NY and then the long drive back! It was a very eventful trip so lets start in Boston. We had a 14 hour drive and how else would we entertain ourselves?

blogtrip0052 copy

blogtrip0051 copy

blogtrip0050 copy

We cut through Cana-duh to Buffalo through the land of hockey sticks. So after all the Canadian craziness we decided to rest in Niagara Falls… the town… Sorry no interesting pictures here… just this

blogtrip0053 copy

When we finally arrived in Boston after a long day of driving, we decided to show how good we looked.

blogtrip0054 copy

Holly just couldn’t commit so I had to pick up the slack:

blogtrip0055 copy

That’s so hot.


Thank You!!!

MAN it’s been a long time since I have wrote anything on here! Never knew how much that long trip would take out of us and how long it would take to get back into the swing of things!

We may have been a little too ambitious to take on all the things we did but hopefully it will all pay off.

We had to pull a lot of favors the last month and I wanted to dedicate a whole post to thank all those people that really saved us this month. We couldn’t have made any of this possible without you guys!

As you might know the Radisson people were putting on a Bridal show for their preferred vendors and we were really upset when they asked us to do it because we had the New York wedding on the same day! Part of having a FREE booth was photographing the event in exchange so I worked it out to hire out someone so that we could set up our booth and be on the preferred vendor list for the year. Diana from Moxie Photography came to mind right away, and thankfully she was willing to come out and shoot the event. She got some great shots and I want to say thank you so much for coming out and doing a great job!!


Just to have the booth ready in time turned out to be a huge undertaking which required a lot of help. Thank you to my good buddy steve who is always willing to help!

415099639_192b971c9c_o copy

He designed and built the main wall out of two sheets of plywood and some 2×4 bracing it looked awesome!

radissonshow0155 copy

A HUGE thanks to Dave and Lacey who did a ton of work including setting up, painting the wall, staying up till 4am the night before to make a slideshow we forgot to do, and a bunch more you guys are amazing!

bride_groom-258 copy

Helping them out with a lot of the same stuff was our super friends Andy and Nicole Foster! Unfortunately Nicole got a bad migraine so she didn’t get to help at the actual show but she was still a huge help. And another help to andy for helping Dave bring the couch back home to our apt.!! Thanks sooo much guys, and thanks for being our fans =)

bridal_party-208 copy

The booth really looked amazing! You guys did such a good job.



And thank you to Justin who let Dave and Andy use his truck to get the couch back! Also for fixing up my civic while we were gone!!


The team Minus Nicole … represent!


Holly and I stopped in Boston to see a Red Sox game in Fenway because I have never been in my whole life and I have been a fan ever since my late step-dad was around when I was a kid. He grew up in Boston and had quite a zeal for the BoSox!

Anyway, our seats ended up being obstructed view seats behind a pole covering up the plate even though they are supposed to tell you that before you buy them. This was our view poking my head around the pole:

SoxGame0012 copy

I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed… I don’t really like to complain but Holly insisted she would complain about this “injustice” for me =) The people at Fenway were very nice to her when she told them it was my first time and our situation and they moved us behind the plate midway up! Great seats!!!

SoxGame0017 copy

So thank you Holly for making sure my first trip to Fenway was an Amazing one!

SoxGame0007 copy

Now on to New York!

The only reason we even got this wedding was because Megan hooked us up with this couple who has been one of our all time favorite couples! We can’t thank you enough Megan!!!

megan0005 copy

Thank you Orest and Morriah, you have been up there with the nicest and most accommodating couples we’ve had and I wanted to thank you for everything we love your families and you guys are going to be so happy together!! They definitely got “the love”!

preview0050 copy

We wanted to hang around NYC for a while since we were there, and without doing as much research as I guess I should have, I booked a Howard Johnson in Newark for a cheap rate and I am sure you heard about the whole bed bug fiasco! We called up my YWAM buddy Emily and she was more then accommodating! Thanks sooo much Em for letting us stay like 3 nights at your house!!

em0021 copy

Thanks also goes out to Ben for letting us come play at the abandoned building he knew about! It was a blast!

preece0001 copy

For the last leg of our trip we were off to Dallas.

As always Don and Karen insisted we stay with them for our stay. They are so much fun and we always have so much fun there! Thanks so much guys!! This was actually the first time I visited them and had just getting my first camera we did some family shots. Cole and Austin are sooo much bigger now =)

R27_1805 copy

Last but not least is the Niederhausers. They took us out to Uncle Julio’s and then we went out for a photo adventure with Cheryl and her daughter Heather. It was great fun.


We are so thankful of all the great people that we know that are willing to help. We seriously couldn’t do it without you! Much love!!

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