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PJ+Maggie = Awesome

Thanks to my Buddy Nick for telling PJ and Maggie about us when PJ was wanting some engagement pictures. The day before when PJ was confirming the session he said, “she said yes so we are all set!” That made me laugh =)

We had a ton of fun!

One of the first shots we did ended up #1 (!!!!!!!!) on explore for Holly!! Explore is basically the best pictures on flickr. They choose 500 out of hundreds of thousands each day and she was lucky enough to be number 1!! I have only gotten up to like 20 something so it’s quite the big deal! Great work wife 😉

scalf-004 copy

scalf-047 copy

Maggie was a natural

scalf-115 copy

PJ did pretty well too =)

scalf-099 copy

They had the looove

scalf-155 copy

We don’t do nature much but this is the time of year to do it!!

scalf-090 copy

scalf-022 copy

Unfortunately we are booked for their wedding which will be in Memphis but we really want them to have good wedding photography so let me know if you would be interested! They are a great couple that would make it very easy on you!

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  1. Todd Owens July 3rd, 2009 10:00 am

    RG, I am only a couple of hours away if they still are in need.



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