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New Blog – Update your RSS feeds! :)

We have FINALLY gotten a new blog design AND figured out how to get it on the root domain of instead of this blog which is it at

Thus, everyone who follows this blog seriously needs to go check out and see the new look. 🙂 Update your RSS feed there too since we will not be posting to this blog any longer.

Thanks for being such loyal followers even though this blog has been way too ugly for way too long! 🙂

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Hey guys got a good hookup from and thought I would pass it on to you!

Use Coupon code FALL5 at checkout to save 5% on rentals of Cameras, Lenses, Bags and accessories. Valid 10/23/09 – 12/31/09


Save 5% on all photography lighting rentals. Use coupon code LIGHTING5 at checkout. Valid 10/23/09 -12/31/09

Hit them up… I don’t use anyone else! Their customer service is great and they make sure you get lenses right when you need em!

Camera Gear Rental

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Epic iMix on iTunes iMade

Since I work on the computer all day trying to keep all you people happy I must have some good music… I have paid iTunes at least a couple grand by now and you get to benefit by listening to this mix I made of all my favorite songs. Each of which belongs to an amazing album that you should for sure look into. If you looove this mix and know of some amazing bands I should check into please let me know! Hope you love all these as much as I do!

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Canon 50mm f/1.0L

WOW! I found a Canon 50mm f/1.0L you can rent here!

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 5.39.38 PM

I have seen these go on ebay for like $3k for one with broke AF! Gotta love !

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Check this out!

stupid blog
I have to put text
to push it down!
So it wont hit the thingy!
so professional!
but I want it to be big!


5 Day 12,000 shot time lapse of “the move”

See this in HD!

Shot this a while ago moving across the street… it’s pretty awesome not to toot my own bassoon … Enjoy!


GoofBooth Goodie bags


Hup and Steph

Maybe possibly out favorite couple that we will be shooting in the face at their wedding this year =) Hup and Steph are from Indy, but reside in SanFran. When they came back to visit we had to go have some fun!

Sidenote: Ryan caught the garder that I tossed and Steph caught the Bouquet that Holly tossed at OUR wedding!! Now THEY are getting married! Suckerrrrs

Ryan is a video genius and he re-posted this vid he took at our wedding and it’s pretty rock solid awesome. Check it out to get a taste of our sweet wedding and feast your eyes on this sweet-sweet preview picture!



Sell-a-thon update

It’s been a success!

Here’s some things that sold so you know

D700 and Grip

Things that are ‘sold’ that I am waiting on the money

70-200, the lens pouches, the legal form book, and gary fong

Have about 3 people basically ready to buy the fisheye

3 people very interested in the Sigma 50

And another interested in the Kenwood.

Other then that the rest is still here!

Thanks guys!

PS: watch out for those toilet monsters!

sellathon0009 copy

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Laura and Dan at the zoo’s country club

Remember that ridiculously good looking couple we did engagements for a while back? I know we have a few of them but these guys were a ton of fun and their wedding at the Kalamazoo Country Club was no exception.

The full preview is up on the wedding website ( which we are working vigorously to update!) But since I know I am lazy, other people must be too so here’s a few favorite favorites…

The glowing chesticles:



She had many a’ faces =) but she knew how to pull of the serious face.


The guys were extra pimp in this wedding


And extra jumpy!


Not to be outdone…


Outdoor ceremonies are the best… lots of room to scurry about and get good angles.


Really been putting the fisheye to use lately!


We rented a tilty for a couple weeks, and decided that we MUST have one


Now thats a veil shot!


Cake mustaches for all!




Had to get a couple shots in the sunset… haven’t done much of this before but we are trying to get better at flash to get some different looks… went pretty well I think!

37 copy

And one of my fav shots…

36 copy

Next preview features even more craziness from Detroit!


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