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Backed up!

Sorry I haven’t been able to do official posts guys! We have been really feeling the rush, and have 3 weddings to finish before we are off to So Cal for the second week of august. In the meantime if you aren’t my friend already hit me up, I am still putting up some pictures here and there.

Ryan Richard Gauper | Create Your Badge
Ryan Richard Gauper

Upcoming Blogs:

Video blog for The Maternal Lens about what other then lenses! Primes of course =)

Video blog about the time money and stress we take on for potential wedding clients, and why we are worth the money!

And maybe even some 52 updates since we are on like week 24

Check back in a while, don’t lose us!

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  1. Fay July 31st, 2009 2:08 pm

    Hi Ryan & Holly:
    Just found out about your work last night. Your wedding photography is really great–just love it! I am really interested in you workshop. Is it still running? I live in New York City and would want to attend if there is one upcoming in NY. Please let me know or I’ll check in your website. Thanks for the great photos and all your dedicated blogs all about photography. You guys are very generous.

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