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Jim’s sweet custom Harley

As you have seen from my previous post (Calling all motorheads) I have been getting into automotive photography and it’s been really fun. Jim contacted me because he saw justin’s bike that I shot (the black Z1000) So we set something up and it’s my first paid motors shoot. I think it went really well and I hope I get more opportunity to do some more stuff like this.

So if you have anyone you know that loves their car enough to let me give them some sa-weet photos of it, let them know I am the man for the job =)

Meet Jim and his custom built harley he did himSELF! Super cool dude.

harley0009 copy

Super cool bike!

harley0001 copy

harley0008 copy

Lots of cool details. Looks like he really obsessed over making everything look great.



Amazing paint job

harley0004 copy

harley0041 copy

I wanna do more!!! You can even tell me some names and I will chase down the lead! Let me know thanks guys!

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