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Bre and Mike…. and Family

When we met Bre and Mike in Battle Creek they brought along both parents and Bre’s best friend who also came to the lead meeting. Normally that would worry me because our couples really need to be focused on each other and not worry about everyone around but they did juuust fine

A mini rainbow even came out for us!


I was loving the 135mm f/2L on this shoot


Even managed to get an up-shot with it!


Bre was a pro!



Even their dog Bear tagged along!


I am pretty pumped about their wedding… Their family was really a pleasure on the shoot and I think it was great they came along for the event. I love tight family =)

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  1. Mary George May 24th, 2009 7:46 pm

    Great shots. It is refreshing every time I jump onto your page!

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