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Preece Preview!

Our last wedding was a last weekend and it was a ton of fun! We met with Clive and Jamie a while ago and since Clive lives in Dubai, we couldn’t do any engagement photos until this weekend before the wedding! But better late then never! =) Jamie works.. or worked (now that she is moving to Dubai) at the radisson here in Kalamazoo and we scored a little time in the sweetest suite they had!! Check it out!

preece0001 copy

Tell me thats not suite! This place ran $2,200 a night and came with a huge staircase and dozens of windows overlooking downtown kalamazoo nine stories high. It even came with a grand Piano which they seemed to like 😉

preece0002 copy

Then off to a location I used the day before but hey it’s still new =) They looked like a couple celebrities here!

preece0005 copy

Then I wanted to try a shot I had done before with a little twist since he had some sweet shades!

preece0003 copy

preece0006 copy

Then came the wedding weekend were I shot a bit of the rehearsal at Stetson Chapel and found a couple cute kids that I would be following around all weekend =)

preece-001 copy

And then the next Day we started out getting a couple shots of Jamie and the girls finishing up their hair at the willow salon.

preece-002 copy

preece-003 copy

preece-006 copy

This dress turned out to be high maintenance! but it was a great dress so I guess it was worth it!

preece-005 copy


preece-008 copy

Our beautiful Bride!

preece-009 copy

preece-011 copy

We did a wedding here before and again it didn’t disappoint!

preece-010 copy

After some waiting to get the bussel right since we didn’t have the directions… no seriously…we did some bride and groom shots! Good thing I had entertainment to tide me over!

preece-012 copy

preece-013 copy

We saw this glorious ally while walking back to the hotel from the salon and knew it would be perfect for the money shot.

preece-014 copy

The reception was held at the highly regarded Rose Street Market downtown and it was a great venue!

preece-015 copy

They have the best best food in Michigan (so I’m told) Luckily the vendors got the same meal as the guests!

preece-016 copy

They even came equipped with a spotlight which made things interesting!

preece-017 copy

This family broke it DOWN all night!

preece-018 copy

Great couple, Great venues and Great weather make for an exceptional day. Thanks so much Jamie and Clive for trusting us with your day. We had so much fun and I hope you guys love the photos. =)

preece-019 copy

To see more of the 75 photo preview go to the main site and click the client proofing button to see the whole album!

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