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Kalamazoo Broke Free

Well we had our first workshop in Kalamazoo this weekend and after all that planning and scouting and hard work we got to have some fun!! We found some excellent locations and even more excellent models to be our subjects!

I started out the Day cramming their brains full of technical knowledge while trying to only melt their brains a little bit! I think it went pretty well but there’s only so much you can take in at once!

Then came the shooting. We started out at this cool loaction by some train tracks, only these train tracks had extra rail material! It worked out even better then I had hoped.

blog50001 copy

Jessie’s head isn’t this big in real life =) I am using the Amazing Canon 14mm f/2.8L II Ultra wide angle lens to get this effect as you can tell later I have a lot of fun with it!! Our second model Alli was awesome as well. Thank you ladies for trashing the dress for us. I think it was worth it =)

blog50002 copy

Our next location was behind the building we used on Sunday. I found some kind of washing machine graveyard!

blog50005 copy

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And behind THAT was a bunch of old trailers and onother cool yard that made for lots of great variety.

I was pretty proud of everyone for really getting in there and not standing back at eye level I thought I would really have to get on people to get close and use angles but they were great!

blog50001-2 copy

You may recognize Noah and Alex since we haven’t updated our website’s front page in a while but they were one of our favorite engagement session and wedding so we thought that would be pros by now, and they proved to be just as comfortable with 12 people snapping away!! You just can’t go wrong with them. Thanks guys!

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Holly really stepped it up this weekend and may have gotten better shots then me! Seems like that’s what our models think since they keep using her shots for their facebook profile pictures! =) Good thing she’s not competition is all I have to say.

blog50007 copy


blog50008 copy

blog50012 copy

I think I still held my own though 😉

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The next day it was nasty snowing rain so I have to thank Mark Kieser for giving me a key to his building downtown so that we could still get a lot of good indoor natural light shots. Our Models Holly and Lauren really did great!




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A big thanks to Brandon who helped us with a little bit of male subject matter when he wasn’t shooting with us! =)

blog50018 copy

blog50015 copy

We Had soooo much fun and I met some great people that I think have a ton of potential. We didn’t get to edit as much as I would’t have liked but we are thinking about doing some editing focused workshops soon. I can’t wait to do another one! Huge thanks to our future Bride Gillian for doing hair and make up!! We can’t wait to do a tour and meet even more great photographers and models!!!


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  1. mindy @ STUDIO 6.23 March 31st, 2009 12:17 am

    fabulous shots, ryan AND holly! 🙂 and that building you shot in…. hmmmm photography studio? it’s awesome! great stuff… good night!

  2. Jamie March 31st, 2009 4:43 am

    So awesome, Ryan! You are Holly are such a great team and these shots are fabulous!! Are you doing the next workshop in Kazoo or Denver?? One on editing would be sweet!

  3. Lauren March 31st, 2009 7:34 am

    Wonderful shots! I want to see some from your workshop attendees, too! I wish I had been able to go but it wasn’t in the cards at this time.

    I would be ALL OVER an editting/post process workshop. I need some help with my workflow and I would love to see what sorts of treatments you and Holly give your images.

  4. Gen March 31st, 2009 12:08 pm

    AWESOME!! Those pictures rock! Great locations too. The models were great to work with, kudos to them. Thanks for an awesome weekend Holly and Ryan. I learned tons.

  5. Kristi April 1st, 2009 4:37 am

    ok…so I am off to make friends with someone who has a building like that!!!! Holy cow! What great natural light and incredible textures that building has!

    looks like this was a great success! Thanks for sharing ( and yeah…I agree, Holly got some AMAZING shots!!! you should hire her 😛 )

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