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Wedding in Mountains!

We are just getting back from our super cool weekend in Denver, where i shot a wedding a little east of Vail at the four star Westin Hotel we did lots of stuff in Denver which Holly wanted to write the post about but I wanted to show you some shots from the wedding.

I borrowed my dad’s Car to get me to the wedding which was a couple hours away and about 15 miles into the mountains i hear some loud grinding or tapping and lots of smoke! Of course! So I am stranded and my dad had to come swap me cars. I HATE being late but luckly I was only second shooting and it wasn’t a huge deal if I was 45 minutes late!!
27-1 copy

Luckily my dad traded me this car for this mountain carving turbo rocket. =)
27-17 copy

Anyway big thanks again to Jared Wilson who gave me the opportunity to second shoot with him at this awesome wedding. Here he is at work.

Here’s one of my first shots using the Canon 135mm f/2L I rented from I used it wide open pretty much all day and loved it.

27-5 copy

These kids were suuuper cute so I had to take advantage of the glorious bokah that I used in the shot above.


27-2 copy

My first assignment as a second shooter was to hang out in the lobby and take some candids of the family while they wait for the shuttles to take them to the ceremony location. Luckily there was a massive window with lots of light. The 135mm was perfect!

27-3 copy

The whole guest list was either from Mexico or from Texas so I’m sure he had a lot of calls from people that couldn’t make it. Never thought of Colorado as a destination location but that’s exactly what it was!

27-4 copy

This was a catholic wedding. Which was an HOUR long. but plenty of things going on the whole time.

27-7 copy

I also rented a Canon 28mm f/1.8 which I was VERY impressed with, and I really enjoy the focal length! Here it is wide open.

27-8 copy

27-6 copy

Check out this church!

27-9 copy

The Reception was back at the Westin and did not disappoint!

27-11 copy

There was even a lounge, talk about setting the mood!! So chill.

27-10 copy

In comes the new couple!

27-12 copy

We Start things off with the first dance; thank you 135L!
27-13 copy


Sweet band as well!

27-15 copy

This is my first wedding with a real wedding planner and I have to say I wish I had a lot more, with all the sweet presentation and details they can bring to the table. I mean the bride and groom’s glasses had Diamonds in them! Diamonds!
Taken with the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro
27-14 copy

After not eating for 9 hours this was really tough to look at =) Don’t worry they did feed all the vendors later on, and while it was a good meal it wasn’t this unfortunately!

27-16 copy

I will leave you with this shot of the bride and groom. It was weird being a second shooter but I enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t enjoy it with a great looking couple, interesting venus, and a crazy family? I do miss the bride and groom money shots but I would love to shoot with Jared again!


Double R out 😉


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  1. Elisa Smith February 12th, 2009 8:08 am

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Mark Hayes February 12th, 2009 11:38 am

    Great stuff. Man that 135 F2 has got to go on the list. I’m becoming a fast glass junkie.

  3. steven elmer February 14th, 2009 7:04 pm

    Talk about being lucky! What a funky looking reception, the chairs are oozing “grooove”…. diamonds in the glasses… come on!

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