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One very important and very interesting thing I learned in college is that when you have a million things to get done, you accomplish so much more than if you have only a few things to get done. Well, at least that seems to be the case with me. I think it is the pressure and the structure that really gets me naturally motivated.

After college, life has not been all that structured and even though we had a crazy summer, it has been more relaxing than school ever was which has been a nice break. 2009 is going to be nuts for us. Ryan is going full time with me in June and we are just about non stop until October. We are already starting to plan out how we will schedule our days and I am looking forward to it. I feel very ready to be structured again and am SO excited for him to be full time photography with me! It will be great for him to just be in “photography land” and not have to think about construction anymore. With both of us full time I think my workload will be much less stressful. We work well together so it is gonna be awesome.

I have been on a journey to get in shape and the goal is to be feeling good by June. I have never really committed to exercising…ever…but then again I never felt like I needed to which I realize is ridiculous.
It is about weight, but then again its not. I am not overweight for my height, but I just don’t feel good in this body and I know I am not as healthy as I know I could be. I want to run without getting winded in a few minutes and I just don’t want my body to limit me from certain things in life. It is always best to catch things before they get really bad and I want to be in the best shape of my life for this years wedding season. I believe that if you feel good about yourself everything else in life gets a little easier. So that is really what is keeping me motivated.

I am almost done with the Talarczyk wedding and will hopefully be starting the Gruss wedding tomorrow. See…that really isn’t a ton to get done but If I really push and get them done soon then I get to do other fun things! I have really been hoping to get this blog looking awesome lately and I found the perfect guy to build it for us for a price we can afford, so that is next on my list. I have big hopes for this blog this year. I promise to be better about posting for 2009. That is certainly one of my goals. I love looking at other photographers blogs so I realize this is really an important part of the business. I love learning about other people and their lives so I assume perhaps people would enjoy getting to know us too. 🙂

Ok…seriously…gonna get back to work…AFTER I do a preview post from the Talarczyk wedding. 🙂

note: I did in fact copy and paste their last name every time I referred to it, haha. I have no idea how to pronounce it, I tried to listen for people saying it at the wedding but that didn’t happen. Most challenging name yet and I thought people had a hard time with Gauper… 🙂

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