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Christy + Garret {wedding 12.27.08}

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Christy and Garret were our last wedding of 2008 and the first one with our new Canon 5D markII gear.

Getting their wedding really was a blessing for me. I had been tossing around getting a job somewhere during the few months where we didn’t have any work and then Elisa (their wedding preview is coming) had told I believe Christy’s aunt about us so that is how she found us. Last minute weddings are exciting for me, I feel like they seem to come right when I am just itching to go out shooting so it is always good timing. Anyways, back to my story… I was so happy to get them because this keeps me working for another month. I certainly like doing this more than just any job at a store or something. On top of that, it was a pretty great wedding! I did awesome on it and have a lot of keepers, which was another blessing because I was kind of worried about the new Canon gear. I feel like it usually takes me a long time for my hands to learn things as I don’t have the best coordination and Canon is basically the complete opposite from Nikon but I adjusted really well. I have noticed that I learn best when I HAVE TO and at a wedding you know, you only get one shot at getting it right so it was a miracle how quickly I got used to it.

tal-5 copy

I loved her flowers in her hair. Flowers are such an awesome accessory. I wish I would have thought about that for my wedding. I don’t know how she stuck them in there, but those roses stayed in there until we left the reception which is pretty impressive.

tal-7 copy

This girls dress was awesome. That is all that needs to be said.

tal-10 copy

We had so many awesome dress shots. The big stained glass window was as awesome place for them.

tal-9 copy

Ryan calls the one below “doves delivery” haha he is a genius!

tal-13 copy

I thought this was pretty hilarious. I didn’t even see it until I looked through all the photos. This is a very good idea though, boys tend to forget things easily….such as washing themselves…thoroughly.

tal-11 copy

Since it was a winter wedding, she was all ready for the misery of Michigan in December. She had the fancy gloves and a fur wrap and even a fur muff!

tal-15 copy

The lovely bride.

tal-8 copy

Time to eat! Something to note about this is the left photo is an extreme crop. I am pretty impressed with the cropping abilities of the 5D markII

tal-18 copy

I just love this photo, the colors and composition are so interesting to me. Her dress was fabulous as well. It was something different and that was refreshing.

tal-17 copy

ok last bride shot…but I had to include it, I love it!

tal-19 copy

The girls being tough in the cold..wind…and rain.

tal-21 copy

…enough being tough…time to run back inside!

tal-12 copy

The mens.

tal-22 copy

This wedding was different from all the rest we have had and thats good for us, it keeps us sharp. I was following the girls back to the room where they were going to walk out of to go down the isle and we walk in, and there is Garret! Typically, the groom is already up there so I was kind of shocked. Luckily, I was able to get this great shot of his face upon first seeing her!

tal-25 copy

I love how we can get shots from different angles of such great moments like this. The ceiling in this place was amazing which always makes me happy since I always do the shot from the back. 🙂

tal-23 copy

There was a glass overlook on the top floor of the church which was really exciting for me since I love when places allow us to do some different things.

tal-26 copy

tal-27 copy

tal-28 copy

tal-30 copy

This was right after the ceremony. He just had enough I guess. He perked right up for the reception though, he was crazy!

tal-39 copy

See? I told you.

tal-31 copy

I love how soft this is, a cloudy day really makes things all kinds of magical.

tal-41 copy

I hate to use this word again so quickly…but seriously, this really is magical. 🙂

tal-32 copy

They really were troopers with all the rain we had that day. After we took these shots, we went to go back inside as the rain was getting worse and we realized we didn’t wedge something in the door and locked ourselves out. Nobody was around there so I ran around the church to go open up the door and found that the quickest way around included jumping off this ledge in my heels that was like 5 feet off the ground. If you follow my posts, you probably know I am not all that coordinated but surprisingly I didn’t fall. Landing in those shoes sure wasn’t comfortable, but i’ll take that over falling down into a big puddle.

tal-42 copy

The bridesmaids gave this to Garret at the reception. Not sure of the story behind that…but I thought it would make the greatest ring shot.

tal-37 copy

The reception was held in a theatre so they had the catwalk going around on top which made for another sweet shot from above!

tal-46 copy

Haha yay! They love our logo!

tal-44 copy

The light was seriously crazy in this room. It was black everywhere so our flashes were having problems so I just ditched it and I glad that I did. It really captures the mood so much better with all the crazy lights everywhere.

tal-51 copy

Haha…oh how I love the comparison.

tal-48 copy

Ryan took the shot of the woman on the left and showed me and so I told him to go up to this guy who was collecting the money for the dollar dance and hold it out and make a crazy face as I had a feeling it would be pretty nuts…and I was right. This guy was crazy, If only I had video of everything because it was pretty funny.

Overall, it was a great wedding and had lots of fun things to photograph. I am finishing up editing it today so I will give a preview of Gruss soon. 🙂


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  1. Mark Hayes January 22nd, 2009 5:51 am

    Awesome coverage. The white board note to the boys is just priceless.

  2. Jessica Monnich January 28th, 2009 10:27 pm

    GREAT shots!!! I LOVE the dress in the window!!!

  3. Kirsten February 3rd, 2009 9:44 am

    This wedding is just beyond stunning. Really wonderful in every detail you captured and the compositions you created!

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