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My new work buddy, Netflix

Post by: Holly

It’s official, I am all caught up! I just mailed out our last fall wedding to the couple yesterday. It is such a good feeling to be free and not worrying about getting caught up every moment of my life. Noah and Alex were the last couple and I am just in love with their love. 🙂 It was such a joy to have their photos as the last on my catch up list. We rented another D700 (for me!) for their day as we thought it would be really dark being an October wedding. Full frame really does make such a difference when editing. Noah and Alex have the love and it completely shows in the photos which is also such a great thing to look at all day.

We have one wedding left this year, it is actually next weekend, the 27th. So it will cut our Christmas weekend a little short, but that is ok, we LOVE shooting weddings. I have one wedding left to edit before our last one to shoot so my goal is to get that thing done TODAY! Is that ambitious? Why yes, yes it is. I recently gave up caffine as well. My drug of choice is Dr. Pepper but that stuff is murdering my kidneys so it had to go. So the lack of the Dr. makes this even more ambitious. Thus, I look to netflix.

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We just got nexflix like a month ago and recently found out they got their “instant” view working with macs! Thus, I can choose from tons of movies and watch them right on my computer. I really love it. I need noise throughout the day so I don’t go crazy and watching the same shows on TV everyday is getting so boring. I can’t handle 5 hours a day of home improvement and NCIS for much longer. The great thing about netflix is there are a lot of “sub-par” movies on the instant play list. My criteria is that it is not so stupid that I can’t stand it, but also not so interesting that I won’t get any work done and in that area, there are a lot to choose from.

If I can manage to get this actually done today, that means I get until Christmas to goof off! I have BIG plans for my goof off days. I have some paintings I have just been dying to do, I would LOVE to clean our apartment up really nice and most of all, get used to the new Camera. I am the kind of person that seemingly only learns by doing so I am going to have to play around with the new Canon for a while to get used to it. Everything is backwards, it’s like I’m in some alternate Canon universe.

Anyways…not getting my editing done procrastinating on this blog now am I? ….but I figured if I wrote it down somewhere that I’m trying to bust it out in a day than I would have a little more accountability to push through it. 🙂


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  1. emily January 2nd, 2009 6:15 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    I stumbled across your blog & website after seeing one of my former students from Parchment High School’s senior pics (you did an awesome job! I am officially a fan of your work.) I am a fledgling portrait/event photographer with a question for you:
    Where do you rent your cameras from?

    I prefer Canon, and have been simply using my XTi to its fullest extent for the past few events. I rented (and fell in love with) a Canon 5D & lenses from a friend in the Kalamazoo area for one wedding, but that won’t always work. Moreover, I moved to the Metro Detroit area since that time. I was wondering if you could offer me some advice or tell me how/where you rent.


  2. holly January 5th, 2009 9:12 am

    We have found the cheapest place to rent from is they always get it to you the day you need it and its pretty easy to do everything! Also we do our printing through whitehouse custom color. Pro only lab. They are also really good and reasonable! Thanks for being a fan! I will have to check out your stuff!

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