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John Paul & Ashley {{engaged}}

A few weeks ago we met with Ashley, her mom and future mother in law. They decided to go with us for their wedding and about 3 days later we did their engagement shoot. They live in georgia so finding time to get up here is difficult so it is great we were able to fit them in.

We did their shoot in downtown battle creek and had a great time, they were a fun couple to work with so I am really excited for their wedding next year!

{{I absolutely love this photo. We started the shoot at his parents house which is an amazing house at the battle creek golf course. I just love her face in this.}}

Prebish-21 copy

{{His parents requested they have a photo with the light post and the gay in it, and I think it turned out pretty well! Looks very october to me. 🙂 }}

Prebish-5 copy

{{Not much to say about this, but I think it’s lovely.}}
Prebish-33 copy

{{Her Ring! Gosh it is huge and magnificent. Sometimes when we take really close up photos we can see flaws and such in the diamond that close, but this thing is just flawless, well done john paul!}}

Prebish-56 copy

{{This is also her ring! We just finished up the shoot and were talking about albums and such for the wedding and Ryan noticed her ring sparkling all over his shirt. Amazing!!}}

Prebish-98 copy

{{This is the same spot we had some of our wedding photos taken and I think is it the greatest.}}

Prebish-68 copy

Prebish-47 copy

{{Something I am really excited for next year at their wedding is her hair. She works at a salon so I am sure her hair will be phenomenal! I love all the volume it has in this photo}}

Prebish-43 copy

{{A sweet red door and some fancy editing makes for one fabulous photo.}}

Prebish-83 copy

{{This is one of my favorite photos of the day! I Sooooo wish we would have had time to walk around the corner of this building on our wedding day to take a photo like this. I just love absolutely everything about it.}}

Prebish-77 copy

{{This is so cute, so I think it is a great ending. Keep an eye out next year for their wedding photos!}}

Prebish-32 copy

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