“be not blind for the soul lies deep”

Aaron & Holly {{married 10.11.08}}

This wedding was pretty relaxed for us. We didn’t have to start super early so it was great to sleep in. The reception was at the Battle Creek Country Club and is also where they got ready. It was a pretty fun group of people which really makes our job easier!

{{I am going to start with a reception photo just because it is so great….and I took it! YAY!}}

-19 copy

{{Perfect for an october wedding! I thought this was really cute.}}

-18 copy

{{I loved this cool mirror}}

-4 copy

-3 copy

-5 copy

{{before the ceremony, the girls were having some fun in the nursery where they were waiting…}}

-8 copy

{{Little tiny chair in the nursery..haha she tried to fit into the little kid car, but that didn’t work as well}}

-7 copy

{{I was so excited that I got such a great walking out shot! It happens so fast so sometimes I just don’t have time to focus fast enough, but I was just soooo happy with this.}}

-10 copy

{{All the mens}}

-1 copy

{{and all the ladies… I was trying to get them to all do a fish face with the “fisheye” lens. They couldn’t quite pull it off, haha, but I think actually turned out much funnier}}

-9 copy

{{sunset, this was ryans…and he is really awesome}}

-15 copy

{{…and this is mine…I’m awesome in a different way. 🙂 }}

-16 copy

{{Gotta have a little dip kiss in a place like this}}

-13 copy

{{What a cute baby! His older brothers were dancin’ fools at the reception! So cute}}

-12 copy

{{sooo i’m not sure what this is called, but Ryan told me…and I forgot. Either way…its really funny.}}

-20 copy

{{hahah I don’t even know what to say about this….}}

-23 copy

{{Lights! I highly recommend having twinkly lights at your reception, this is what happens when they are out of focus so they give a really cool vibe in the photos.}}

-21 copy

{{hahhaah I love to take photos of people dancing. They make the craziest dancing faces!}}

-24 copy

Andddd thats all.

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