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Danielle + Charlie {married 9.13.08}

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I guess it was bound to happen sometime. With all of this hurricane business the odds just were not in anyone’s favor for a wedding that was planned to be outdoors.

Danielle & Charlie got married in Grass Lake Michigan at this farm location. There were some pretty cool things on the property to work with if the weather would have just held out! Unfortunately, it was raining all day and since it was a farm, the ground was all muddy and dragging a wedding dress around in mud isn’t really ideal.

Because of the weather and the lack of buildings to shoot in (just 2 small buildings) we didn’t want to stress them out about not getting any good bride and groom photos so we offered to give them a free bride and groom session if they wanted to get all done up again, so that is what we will be doing soon. The weather is nobody’s fault so it is just about making the best of what you have to work with. So when we get those taken and edited I will put them up in a separate post.

The wedding was moved inside the first barn which was pretty small, but tall. It had three levels to it which was very different and made for a cool shot from up above.

Danielle + Charlie

Anyways, lets go back a day. We typically go to the rehersal to check things out and look for locations to do photos in the transition time of ceremony and reception. On our way there it was pouring rain like crazy. I am pretty certain we would have died if I was driving. Thankfully, Ryan always drives and we continue to live. I try to just keep my eyes closed because he scares me when he drives but then I get car sick so there is usually a lot of gasping from me. He thinks it’s funny…ugh…anyways…

We didn’t want to drive back and forth for the wedding the next day since it was kind of far away so we got a hotel. It was a motel 6 somewhere around jackson and man, from the outside it was one sketchy looking place. They didn’t even have internet! It was clean in the room though and didn’t smell so I was alright with it.

Since there was no internet, Ryan was playing with his camera and showing off how sweet it is at crazy high ISO. So we had some fun with that haha ryan calls this flubber… This is done with the D700 and 8 frames per second! also 6400 ISO.


annnyways, back to the wedding the next day…

{{They wore this really awesome plaid so I felt the red background was fitting. The plaid was something about his family, but I can’t specifically remember…but it was really cool, I liked it a lot.}}


{{Getting ready. She got all the girls bare minerals sets and was showing them how to use it, so they all took turns. It was kind of like a QVC moment.}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{Her dress was huge! We have had weddings with the big poofy dresses and such but none with a train like this one. It was amazing. It had more detail in the thread than with beads which was on a more sheer layer which I thought was different from a lot of the dresses we see.}}

cameron_preview-1 copy

{{The sash part was great as well, I just love the dresses that sit lower on the waist. I’m not gonna lie… seeing all the dresses and jewelry is one of the favorite parts about wedding photography.}}


{{They had a bagpiper at the ceremony! How amazing! I love when weddings have stuff that is different!}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{The flowers were pretty interesting, those stick…things were an interesting touch.}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{The brides parents during the ceremony.}}

Danielle + Charlie

{After the ceremony we found a place outside that was covered and took bridal party photos.}}

cameron_preview-1-2 copy

{{The bride}}

Danielle + Charlie


{{The Groom}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{I always get a little stressed out when its time for the bouquet toss because I shoot a ton of photos and just hope that my flash fired on the money shot. This time…it did! Yes! I love it}}

Danielle + Charlie

Danielle + Charlie

{{The cake smashing! YESS!! So many people do not smash these days and it is soooo boring. This is just the perfect shot too! I was so excited when I reviewed my pictures and saw this. Magical, simply magical.}}

Danielle + Charlie
Danielle + Charlie

{{Danielle dancing with her dad}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{The “other” Holly and Ryan! What are the odds?}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{Greatest tattoo ever, dr. suess!}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{This turned out so cool! Ryan is so creative. The DJ had a little colored ball thing and ryan made this awesomeness happen.}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{Bride and Groom Dancing. I am pretty sure I probably took this and it was one of my exposure mistakes but I really like it how its just a subtle outline of her…its kind of different.}}

Danielle + Charlie

{{They had a fireworks show at the end of the night too. We took quite a few shots of them but this was our favorite because its different and wonderfully out of focus.}}

Danielle + Charlie

That is the end of the night for us. We will be scheduling the bride and groom shoot soon so I will be sure to put that up as soon as possible!!

Also, if you want to see the full preview of all our weddings you can go to our weddings site at and click on {wedding favorites} We put up about 40-60 of our favorites from each wedding.

I’ve decided to catch up on the blog one day at a time, so tomorrow will be the brammer wedding from back in August.


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  1. Evgeny_smirnov October 1st, 2008 1:37 pm

    What software do you use for RAW conversion? Capture one? There’s great skintones in your photos as same as great and very tasty colors.

  2. holly December 20th, 2008 10:48 am

    We use Adobe Lightroom 2 for 99 percent or photos

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