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katie + jared {married 8.23.08}

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First of all, “katie” has always been “katherine” to me so that is how I will refer to her. I simply cannot adjust to this name change. So…I met katherine in 2005 when I transferred to Cedarville University. Her room was next to mine and she was my RA. We have quite a few things in common but have completely different personalities. It makes the friendship interesting. She was such a great help at my wedding and to return the favor, Ryan and I did a sweet job on her wedding if I do say so myself.

Katherine and Jared got married a couple weeks ago and we just finished editing all the photos. They are so absolutely in love which made shooting their wedding so enjoyable. I don’t know about Jared, or any guy really…but Katherine loves photos so that also made it easier. I love people who love having their picture taken. 🙂

We are crazy swamped right now so I am really going to be going backwards with these posts. It has been so amazing to have gotten so much work this year! I love all the love in these weddings, it just such an awesome job to have.

{Bride upshot…beautiful!}


{Those were real buttons, you don’t see those very often these days. i just love all the blur on this, Ryan did a great job!}

button butt

{One of the things Katherine and I have in common is crafts and artsy stuff so I just loved what she did with her runner. She painted their monogram on there! It looked flawless.}

tunnel vision

{They were so awesome and gave us a ton of time for photos between the ceremony and reception. This was our first stop.}

curvy column

{This was the second wedding we got to use Ryan’s D700 and I am officially jealous. That thing is amazing. This is 32000 ISO with hardly any editing! It gives us so much more freedom to show what the room actually looked like.}

warm waltz

{This photo was a mistake of mine. It was WAY over exposed but when we got it into lightroom it turned into this! I shall call it a beautiful disaster. 🙂 I am kind of known for that I feel like…}

Over expose me!

That is all for now.

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