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Full Frame Friday!

{posted by: ryan}

The wait is over!! Full frame for me!!!

I was told the D700 would be released on the 25th but no one seemed to think I would get it in time. I was really hope to get it this weekend so I pray and said I know you have already given me so much, but you did say you do not have because you do not ask. So I guess I am asking! It would be a nice birthday present!

Then I called Norman Camera in the morning to see if they had at least got a tracking number from nikon, but they didn’t seem too wise to the matter.

I was disappointed and went home. 15 minutes late I got a call and said they had one waiting for me! It was awesome!! I think maybe he didn’t let me have it then because I would have picked it up on the way, and Holly wouldn’t have gotten to see me all giddy =) They Said I was the first one in Kalamazoo to get one! (Same for my D300!)

God is awesome!!

This Camera isn’t too bad either by the way 😉

{Gizmo and Pete Stealing the D700}

{Full frame and it’s huuuge viewfinder}

The Next Day Holly and I desided to have a photo adventure in Kalamazoo’s Crane Park.

We tested out some macro and did a mini photoshoot!

{Fast FX Macro!}

{My idea-mule testing some senior ideas =) }

{Holly insisted I have an upshot of my own}

{This is one heck of a hand-me-down =) }

I am excited to post some high ISO shots. This thing can really perform at 6400! Even at 25,600 I can get usable images! This Camera is going to rock my world!

More to come!

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