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I engaged her!

gettin' hitched!

So as many of you know I am in fact engaged as of this last saturday the 16th of February. This is the weird story. For anyone with a short attention span that doesn’t care about the details, skip to the end I will make a shortened version just for you.

It should be noted that I buttered her up for valentine’s day as I have never been able to celebrate with someone I love, or possibly with anyone for that matter! So anyway, there are photos at I made it look real nice, and I cooked a nice steak, corn, and my infamous mashed potatoes. I scattered 80 tea lights around the room and a few big candles so it was pretty nice. I figured she thought I would do it then but she was one step ahead when i was forced to tell her we had plans for Saturday.

Anyway! To start the morning Saturday before Chicago, I woke up early so that I could make her favorite cheesy eggs and fried potatoes. When i got downstairs and she realized i made her breakfast she gave me a loving slug on the arm and said “your nice!” And then she realized she hit me a lot when i did nice things =)

So at this point I still had to pick up the ring, since I was late getting home the night before, so i had her take a shower so I could wash the car, and do some “errands” once I had it i came home took a shower put on a nice shirt and tie and left with her to chicago. We arrived in the windy city (literally it was freezing) at 1:30 where we parked the car for the day near Geno’s east Pizza, where we had some deep dish pizza with was great. It was a cool restaurant, it had peoples writing and graffiti covering every wall seat and pillar. After we ate, I thought it would be nice to take a walk.

When we turned the corner to go back to drop of leftovers we were asked if we would share those same leftovers with a talkative guy who looked like he had a rough life, so we gladly gave up our extras, and had a chat with him on the way back to the car.

Anyway we started down the road toward a movie theater where we were to see the movie Juno. With the theater in sight and an hour to go we stopped in a grocery store with a Starbuck’s inside to get a hot chocolate, as we were pretty cold from walking only a few blocks. I gave holly my wallet, and had her get a hot chocolate for us, so I could use the restroom, and after a while warming up on we went the rest of the way to the theater.

The movie is actually quite funny, i recommend it much more then the shock value humor that has been more prevalent in resent times. Anyway after that we hailed a cab to take us to the Sears Tower. I was hoping to watch the sunset from the top but as I learned an hour and half long line of people had the same idea. So unfortunately we didn’t make it up in time. The line was very long, and I don’t know if I would say I would do that again. I mean its cool if you don’t have to wait, because then it was almost as long just getting back down. What a waste of time when time is short!

She later told me she thought I would propose up there, but then she remembers I wouldn’t have liked the attention of the 200+ people around us!

I had a big finally in mind where I would take her to the navy pier and do a cool night shot with both of us with the ferris wheel in the back round. With me tricking her into thinking we were just taking a photo of us in Chicago, when really I wanted to propose to her and catch it on “film”. My Plans were thwarted when number 1 the ferris wheel is not running in the winter for obvious, un-thought of reasons…and number 2 as we got a cab back to the car we had to use the GPS because the driver didn’t know where Jeno’s was. And Holly Dropped one of my $20 bills so i had to run to the car to pay him, and then we grabbed our things and left the cab. Then I went to find the GPS so i could go to the navy pier and salvage a cityscape photo, but when i went to get it I couldn’t find it! I was a little more then upset that the whole day could be thrown out of whack because l left the GPS in a car that we would never see again. While we were pulling out I found a quick way to the highway, and didn’t want to risk going into the interior of metro chicago and decided to head for home, severely disappointed I went to all that effort for it not to work out like I wanted.

I was thinking on the way home and praying, God what the heck am I supposed to be learning from this and why do I have to learn stuff when I just want to give Holly a great way to propose to her. And I guess I just kind of got from it that things aren’t going to always be perfect as you would like. That’s just life. This world isn’t perfect. Are you going to let it ruin things or are you going to make the best of what you are given?

So I pulled over in a hyundai dealership of all places, and told Holly I wasn’t upset with her, I just wanted to have a special day and I didn’t want it to end like this. I told her how much I loved her and how much I loved her heart for how she was dealing with conflict and disappointment. It’s really rare to find someone who hurts for you because she knew how upset i was.

I said I didn’t really want to propose to you in a car but this is what we have been dealt. I am going to love you even when things aren’t perfect and things don’t work out as planned. And I asked her to marry me. And she said, “I would marry you if we were covered in mud” =)

It wasn’t the most perfect story, but it’s ours, and we are thankful for what God has given us.


the hardware

Short Version…
Went to Chicago, Had a great day, took a cab back to the car where I was going to drive to take a photo of us both, and surprise her by proposing while taking a photo. Couldn’t do that because we lost the gps. Was very pissed….

But didn’t want to end the weekend that way and pulled over and proposed to her there…..she said yes.

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